Underground Service Location & Mapping Method

Underground Service Location & Mapping Method The process for detecting, marking, and mapping buried utilities will be carried out as follows: Identification of Utilities in the Target Area: Locate all underground utilities that intersect or run alongside the designated area. Mark the positions of these utilities. Indicate the depth and direction of each utility. Identification […]


ORSCO HP JETTING SERVICES Looking for sewer line cleaning? Have a blocked drain or experiencing reduced water flow? When it comes to drain and pipeline cleaning/unblocking, there is no better technique than that of high-pressure water jetting with the use of a Jetting machine or truck. A sewer jetter is a long, flexible, high-pressure hose […]

Live Pipeline Condition Assessments

CONDITION ASSESSMENT – LIVE POTABLE / SEWER PIPELINES Orsco (Pty) Ltd  can deliver a complete analysis of the condition of ALL pipeline infrastructure employing a comprehensive range of recognised technologies. We can accurately assess pipe condition and life expectancy and pinpoint the location of leaks and bursts. ORSCO (Pty) Ltd can provide clients with detailed data and information […]

Orsco – GPR Insights + GPR Slice

Intelligent GPR data analysis & visualization Intelligent post-processing Screening Eagle´s GPR data analytics and visualization software delivers superior quality of data post-processing thanks to the long-established GPR Slice algorithms and intuitive web-based software. In 2021, GPR Slice joined the Screening Eagle ecosystem and provides comprehensive data analytics software to handle very complex data sets. For users who […]


SEWER INCLINATION AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT A wastewater system is a significant yet essential investment for any community. A routine inspection enables municipalities to determine current conditions, including the current inclination, and plan maintenance thereafter. Sewer inclination keeps liquids and solids moving at an appropriate speed in a gravity system, therefore it is a […]

Lidar Pipeline Condition Assessment

Accurate Assessments for large diameter Pipelines  Spending money on Potholes that are glaring is a must for politicians to get votes , he or she who shouts loudest is often heard.. first LIDAR gives the pipes the Voice they need to be heard – As a professional who needs to make informed accurate decisions one […]

The Cruiser Zoom Camera

THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO PRIORITISE PIPELINE MAINTENANCE Change How You See Pipe Infrastructure & Boost Efficiency with the Cruiser Zoom Camera Contractors can use it to survey the pipe condition before bidding on services or to document completed works.Municipalities can use it to identify and prioritise maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry, and inspect hard-to-reach […]

Concrete Scanning

concrete Scanning Concrete scanning is the use of ground-penetrating radar and other equipment to detect materials or voids within a concrete slab.  ORSCO (Pty) Ltd are experts in the field of concrete scanning, provide our clients with precise information regarding the structure, strength and composition of the structures as well as locating all conduits hidden within […]