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Change How You See Pipe Infrastructure & Boost Efficiency with the Cruiser Zoom Camera

Contractors can use it to survey the pipe condition before bidding on services or to document completed works.
Municipalities can use it to identify and prioritise maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry, and inspect hard-to-reach infrastructure.
Engineers can use it to assess culverts and stormwater pipeline conditions with minimal exposure to traffic.

The advantages are endless.

Even with the right tools, sewer inspections require time and resources. Many wastewater departments only need a general understanding of a pipe or manhole’s condition to guide decisions when it comes to prioritizing cleaning, condition assessments and/or rehabilitation.

The Cruiser Zoom Camera system enables a quick look into pipelines, manholes and/or tanks. The HD zoom camera is mounted onto a adjustable 7meter carbon fiber telescope pole, providing shadow-free illumination, sharp HD pictures and video with its revolutionary 150m Zoom capability.

The powerful zoom camera pinpoints hidden flaws and obstructions, then documents them with colour video and digital images at the touch of a finger.

pole camera
pole camera
pole camera
pole camera