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4D Concrete Scanning & Reporting

Concrete scanning
Concrete scanning

Concrete scanning uses ground-penetrating radar and other equipment to detect materials or voids within a concrete slab.

ORSCO (Pty) Ltd are experts in the field of concrete scanning, providing our clients with precise information regarding the structure, strength and composition of the structures as well as locating all conduits hidden within the concrete.

Concrete should be scanned before any destructive work is performed. This can include coring, drilling, cutting, and other activities which may compromise the concrete’s strength. ORSCO (Pty) Ltd provides a fast, non-invasive method to gain accurate insights into objects belw the concrete surface, even on a curved surface or column.

  • Locate rebar, post-tension cables, metallic and non-metallic conduits embedded in concrete
  • Create detailed scans of concrete floors, decks, columns, walls, & ceilings to detect embedded objects before cutting or coring.
  • Detect voids beneath slab-on-grade.
  • Locate and map current-carrying wires using Power Cable
  • Detector (PCD) technology.
  • 3D views, embedded objects, and multiple grid reports


With new build construction and renovation projects, the likelihood of needing to cut or core a concrete slab is high. There is an inherent risk of striking rebar, electrical and communications conduits, and post tension cables during cutting, coring, or drilling process. The cost of such mistakes can be prohibitive.

Our well-trained, skilled, experienced technicians respond quickly to service requests, especially when your need for concrete scanning is a last-minute discovery.

The result is professional, accurate and timely scanning – the exact satisfaction you’re seeking to mitigate risk and keep your employees safe.



Proceq GPR Live is a ground-breaking GPR for the imaging of concrete structures. Proceq GPR allows real-time imaging that has been so far not thought possible. Proceq GPR Live is also the world’s first large-scale Augmented-Reality (AR)-empowered solution for industry applications.

In other words, you can now augment the world around you with GPR 2D and 3D visualizations that will merge seamlessly into the environment around you. The solution projects tomographic time-slice and 3D visualization into the environment around you by looking through an iPad. The result is a straightforward and intuitive visualization of measurements that radically facilitates data interpretation on-site.


Push & Pull Wireless Cart - Versatility and Comfort.
Stepped Frequencies – Continuous Wave GPR.
Resolution & depth : Superior clarity of data at different depths thanks to the unique Swiss Made ultra­ wideband radar technology, optimized for small, closely­ spaced and deep targets alike.
Versatility : Scan on flat or rough terrains, get real-time accurate GNSS positioning and adjust display settings in real -time for an optimal on-site interpretation of underground findings.
User Experience : End-to-end workflows designed for experts and non-experts alike, from the most intuitive data acquisition to instantly shareable deliverables.
Access your data from anywhere, anytime.