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Leak Detection - Municipal, Commecial & Industrial

corrolation of leaks

Leak detection requires a combination of skilled operators and state-of-the-art equipment to locate a hidden leak.

With our array of equipment, methods, and techniques, we can locate almost any leak across all industries.

Leak detection for municipal groups or commercial/industrial facilities is becoming increasingly important. As many cities and companies face ageing pipelines and water supplies, leaks are becoming more frequent and more costly.

Finding and fixing leaks is a great way to conduct preventative maintenance and identify the most pressing issues for repair. Using advanced technologies such as ground penetrating radar and computer correlation we can analyse water mains. Utilizing this technology, we can survey and map entire water systems assisting with informed choices on repair prioritization.

Methods of Leak Detection

1. Correlation

Uses the “time delay” to pinpoint exactly where the leak is situated. After correlation, the indicated position should be checked by top sounding using an acoustic listening device.

2. Acoustic

Vibrations are transmitted by the pipe and can even be noticed at distant contact points. This is known as structure-borne sound and is made audible by an acoustic listening device.

3. Tracer Gas

A mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen is introduced into the water pipe with the suspected leak. The Gas makes its way to the surface where it is detected by the highly sensitive gas detector.

4. Zoning

Is the most effective at isolating leaks.

5. Water and soil testing for PH

Leak Detection