ORSCO (Pty) Ltd is an innovative company providing advanced solutions in all pipeline diagnostics, advanced asset condition assessments, ground penetrating radar surveys,  underground utilities and leak detection services and technologies.

Portfolio and Disciplines: 

  • Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys
    • Shallow Service location 📷 📷
    • Bedrock mapping 📷 📷
    • Road Layers 📷
    • Void’s location 📷 📷 📷 📷
    • Graves location 📷 
    • Concrete scanning 📷 📷
    • And more…
  •  CCTV Pipeline Inspection Surveys.
    • CCTV High definition with LIDAR pipelines surveys 📷 📷
    • CCTV Crawler pipelines surveys 📷 📷
    • Live under pressure lines condition assessments 📷 📷
  • Live under pressure condition assessments for all effluent pipelines, pressurised or gravity fed.
  • Utility location surveying & mapping of all underground infrastructure and utilities.
  • Leak detection for all municipal, industrial and commercial networks. 

With our vast expertise and experiences, our clients have come to expect the highest level of accuracy in the industry.

ORSCO (Pty) Ltd is a BEE Level 1 contributor. 

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Services & Equipment


The one solution for locating objects and mapping
Latest in ground penetrating radar technology.
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Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

GPR units use a electromagnetic pulse to detect sub-surface objects.
Prevent damage by accurately locating all buried pipes and cables prior to excavation or rehabilitation...
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Concrete should be scanned before any destructive work is performed.
Detect materials or voids within a concrete slab...
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Utility Location

Identify and map the location and depth of utilities such as water, sewer and gas underground.
Most utility locating is done with the use of electromagnetic locating equipment...
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Underground Service Location & Mapping Method The process for detecting, marking, and mapping buried utilities will be carried out as follows: Identification of Utilities in

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ORSCO HP JETTING SERVICES Looking for sewer line cleaning? Have a blocked drain or experiencing reduced water flow? When it comes to drain and pipeline

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CONDITION ASSESSMENT – LIVE POTABLE / SEWER PIPELINES Orsco (Pty) Ltd  can deliver a complete analysis of the condition of ALL pipeline infrastructure employing a comprehensive range of

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