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Ultrasonic Flow Logging



Municipalities, contractors, bulk water suppliers, and developers require the ability to monitor water flow and pressure in potable pipeline systems to account for water usage or losses. In addition, the need to acquire wastewater and sewerage volume data for the management of development as well as hazardous exposure (leaks, ) may be required.

Orsco (Pty) Ltd offers freely scalable flow measurement services ranging from the check metering of a single measurement point up to a complete measurement audit of a big facility with a multitude or measurement points.

Our service can be used either to measure at points that are not equipped with a flow meter or to check existing flow meters (independent of the employed technology and manufacturer).

We provide you with a detailed flow measurement report with traceable results (to national standards, PTB).

flexim ultrasonic pipe relining

Ultrasonic flow logging is a non-destructive, accurate and reliable method of measuring the flow rate of fluids in pipelines. It is based on the principle of the acoustic Doppler effect, which causes a shift in the frequency of sound waves when they are reflected off of moving objects.

Orsco (Pty) Ltd’s experienced service technicians carry out flow measuring tasks at your site, saving you considerable resources that can be used on more efficiently on other duties.


  • Water Distribution Metering
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Irrigation Flow Meters