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Spending money on Potholes that are glaring is a must for politicians to get votes , he or she who shouts loudest is often heard.. first

LIDAR gives the pipes the Voice they need to be heard – As a professional who needs to make informed accurate decisions one needs to communicate the urgency of failing pipes. 

If a 2D picture is worth 1000 words then a 3D model of a pipe together with an HD 18-megapixel picture and video are priceless to the Engineer deciding how to keep the aging infrastructure running. 



Traditionally, pipe condition assessments were done only through CCTV pipeline inspection. Visual assessment, while useful, does not help one determine the remaining thickness of the pipe walls / liner, potential voids developing outside the pipeline, the degree of deflection (ovality), or rebar damage in the reinforced concrete pipes to name but a few. Quantifying these factors with visual inspection of the footage is unreliable.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) laser profiling for sewer pipes provides the type of data required for proactive management and capital improvement planning.

LiDAR uses light detection to positively measure the internal dimensions of any pipeline. LiDAR can be conducted as two-dimensional (2D) by collecting measured “rings” or “slices” at periodic intervals or Three-dimensional (3D) LiDAR collects measurements in all directions from the LiDAR device. 

If rehabilitation is being considered for large diameter pipelines, highly accurate measurements can now be collected by Orsco (Pty Ltd. 

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