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Lilibara Projects, Engineering Consultant, Midrand Gauteng

Lilibara Projects had 3 sites within Polokwane (Polokwane CBD , Annadale and Seshego) where the water mains needed to be enlarged in diameter to meet the required demands. Unfortunately, the existing services surrounding the line was unknown. Lilibara Projects called in Orsco, a Utility Location and Leak Detection specialist company to map all services prior to the water mains upgrade. The total distance of this project was over 160km

Using a combination of ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic scanning, existing underground services were scanned and mapped by Orsco. These services included electrical, Telkom and fibre optic cables as well as potable water, stormwater and sewerage lines. This allowed Lilibara Projects to measure the spacing between services and helped identify problem areas.

All findings were mapped and a full report was supplied to the client. All manholes were opened to confirm the contents and depth of services. Where this was not possible, services were confirmed by non-destructive air excavation using air-spade and air-vac precision excavation equipment.


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