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Scanning before drilling in Roodepoort


GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) LMX 200 with GPS and Utilitrac R130.

Orsco was called to scan and mark all the shallow services on 44 intersections in Roodeport prior to fibre optics being installed under these intersections. When fibre optics is installed under busy road crossings, Horizontal and Directional drilling technology is most commonly used.

A hole is drilled under the road crossing and a conduit pulled under the roads without causing damage to the roads nor causing disruption to traffic.

A utility location survey is essential prior to drilling in order to know the precise location of all shallow utilities (pipes and cables) and avoid hitting any while drilling.

ORSCO undertook a combined Ground Penetrating Radar with GPS and an electromagnetic pipe and cable locator to survey and map all shallow services and live electrical cables.

Up to nine intersections a day were surveyed totalling 44 in Roodeport. Results of the survey were marked on the ground to assist with immediate drilling as well as a short Microsoft report generated including .kml (google earth image) which was downloaded from the LMX 200 Ground Penetrating Radar.


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