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Pipe locating and mapping in Garsfontein


Garsfontein, Pretoria

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) LMX 200 with GPS and Utilitrac R130.

Tshwane municipality are in the process of replacing over 8.5 KM of water pipes due to constant leak problems. As one leak is fixed another appears.

The contractors doing the pipe replacement need to know where the existing services (pipes, electric cables and fibre optics) were running prior to trenching in order to avoid damaging utilities and been charged heavy penalties. As usual, the drawings of the area are not 100% accurate and not all services are recorded.

ORSCO (Pty) Ltd was appointed to map all shallow services in the Garsfontein area prior to contractors trenching.

ORSCO undertook a combined GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) LMX 200 with GPS and Utilitrac R130 pipe and cable locator to execute scanning and mapping of the services.

A total of 24,000 meters were surveyed on and near the proposed trenching line.

Results of the survey were marked on the ground to assist with immediate trenching and a full GIS Auto Cad map was generated and supplied to the contractors.


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