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Life Anncron Hospital, Klersdorp, South Africa.

The Life Anncron Hospital in Klersdorp had a problem with moisture causing part of the hospitals floor to lift. The hospital was not sure of the source of the water and called Orsco to identify the source of the water problem.

Orsco first used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) where the moisture was located to determine whether there was a pipe in the area. Due to the size of the re-bar, ORSCO was unable to determine if this was true. Orsco then used a Sewerin Aquatest T10 Acoustic Leak Detection Apparatus to listen for water leaks or water flow, but heard nothing. Orsco then decided to do a camera inspection through the nearby manhole where we could clearly see the pipe ran in the direction of the problem

Orsco usea a Mini-Cam SoloPro CCTV pipe inspection camera to inspect 28.2 meters of 160mm earthenware and PVC pipe. Orsco came across a problem at 24.6 meters at a connection where the pipe changes from earthenware pipe to PVC. At this section, Orsco was able to determine the source of the problem, the pipe was connected without using a earthenware convertor to PVC. The PVC pipe was simply stuck into the earthenware pipe without a proper fitting leaving a gap and not sealing correctly.
Orsco provided the hospital with a detailed report showing the problematic joint and a pipe relining solution with Nu Flow.


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