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Leak detection in Diepkloof

Site: Zone 6, Diepkloof, Soweto

Scope of Work:
To perform a Leak Detection Survey on various streets of

Diepkloof, Soweto (18km)

The client was awarded a tender to install new prepaid water meters.

Before installing them an establishment of the current leaks had to be done. This would also ensure an efficient water saving system.

ORSCO was requested by the client to perform the leak detection survey using only the acoustic technique combined with GPR to confirm exact positions of the pipe line when required.

Due to sensitivity of the equipment the survey had to be done during the night as ambient noise during the day, made location leaks impossible. Orsco’s team also used Garmin GPS (Global Positioning System) to mark the location of the leaks.

Please note that the GPS doesn’t have exact accuracy so the positions and coordinates were indications of the highest probability of leak positions.

We also used GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to identify pipe presence, location and direction.

Total length of the survey completed was approximately 18 000 meters. Necessary safety precautions were also employed to ensure our teams wellbeing and equipment

Above images show one of our teams in action in Diepkloof, Soweto.

Our disciplines include but not limited to:

  • Live under pressure condition assessment of water & effluent pipes (pressurized and gravity fed) including trunk mains, distribution network and reticulation.
  • Surveying utility location and mapping of all underground infrastructure and utilities.
  • Concrete scanning of structures Leak detection on bulk water supplies, municipal, industrial, commercial and residential networks.


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