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Bridge Deck Reinforcing Investigation

Bridge Deck Reinforcing Investigation – Case Study


GPR Conquest at Abutment, bottom and sides of the bridge

ORSCO was appointed to conduct a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) survey at bridge B4673 0n N11 near Hendrina to perform concrete investigations at 18 positions indicated by client. The target was to locate reinforcing, post tension cables and void formers prior to the bridge been extended. 12 grids with a measurements of 1200 x 12000 millimeters and 6 grids of 1200 x 600 millimeters were surveyed. The Ground Penetrating Radar Conquest (concrete scanner) from Sensors & Software was used during the survey, with maximum penetration of 900 millimeters’ depth.

Excellent data was captured on both Abutment and slightly more complicated data on the bottom and sides of the bridge. Echo Project 4 software and Surfer 12 was used to produce ‘Depth Slice’ data and 3D representation of certain sections.

  • 6 grid positions on the Abutment (3 positions on North and 3 position on the South site. (using grid format 1200mm x 1200mm each).
  • We scanned 12 grids positions on the Bottom and Side of the bridge 6 positions on the East and 6 positions on the Wets site. (grid format 1200mm x 600mm each).
  • Reinforcing bars and some anomalies are clearly visible in the data


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