Flow Logging & Pipeline Pressure Testing

Flow measurement technology for the water industry

Municipalities, contractors, bulk water suppliers, and developers require the ability to monitor water flow and pressure in Potaable pipeline systems to account for water usage or losses. They also need to acquire wastewater and sewerage volume data for the management of development as well as hazardous exposure (leaks.) 

ORSCO (PTY) LTD can help acquire and log all pipeline data.

Letting ORSCO’s experienced service technicians carry out flow measuring tasks at your site can save you considerable resources that can be used on more efficiently on other duties.

Orsco offers freely scalable flow measurement services ranging from the check metering of a single measurement point up to a complete measurement audit of a big facility with a multitude or measurement points.

Our service can be used either to measure at points that are not equipped with a flow meter or to check existing flow meters (independent of the employed technology and manufacturer).

Our flow meter services are arranged according to your individual needs:

  • From the flow measurement of liquids and gaseous volume and mass flows, over a wide media, temperature, and pressure range;
  • over the energy survey of heat and cold quantities or also the consumption of compressed air within your site;
  • up to flow measurements at high temperature pipes (up to 400°C and more in hazardous areas – ATEX, FM).

We are providing you with a detailed flow measurement report with traceable results (to national standards, PTB).

Flow measurement technology for the water industry

Water Distribution Metering

The flow of water brings revenue

Sustainability and responsibility are two ways that remind us that every drop of water pumped out of the ground, or collected in a reservoir comes at a price, and brings potential for revenue. Accurate and reliable flow measurement is mandatory for ensuring sustainability in our drinking water systems and leaving no drop behind.

FLUXUS is ideally suited for such measurement tasks – being non-invasive, supply interruptions belong to the past and moreover, due to its exceptional low flow metering capabilities it is also the ideal leak detection system for water balancing.

Potable Water Treatment

Offering the most reliable measurement system for water treatment

Withdrawal of drinking water usually begins at wells, reservoirs and large water tanks. Pipes with large nominal diameters carry the extracted water quantities and pass them on to the local distribution system. Large nominal diameters also mean high costs for wetted measuring systems. This isn’t the case with a FLUXUS ultrasonic non-invasive flow meter, which is not only cheaper than a magnetic inductive flow meter at most common pipe sizes, but can be retrofitted during ongoing operation and without the additional cost of engineering work and pipe work. Moreover, magnetic flow meters often show inaccurate readings as conductive material from the ground water deposits in the electrodes of the meter, causing it to drift to lower measurement readings than actually present.

Wastewater Treatment

The ideal flow metering solution for wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse.

With the constant expansion of sewage treatment plants and more stringent requirements for advanced wastewater treatment, operators are in search of reliable ways to retrofit their piping systems. Non-invasive flow measurement with FLEXIM ultrasonic flow meters has proven to be a very good and cost-effective alternative to all other technologies used for wastewater flow applications.

Irrigation Flow Meters

FLEXIM meters are the ideal metering solution for irrigation as well as farm wastewater flows. Based on the non-invasive ultrasonic transit time difference principle, the FLEXIM irrigation flow meters are mounted onto the outside of the pipe wall.

The cost of the flow meter for irrigation systems is independent of the pipe dimensions, material and liner material. FLUXUS irrigation water meter installation is easy, with no line shut-down or supply interruption necessary – even the pipe only needs to be exposed partially making costly shaft constructions obsolete. Moreover, these non-invasive clamp-on agricultural irrigation flow meters do not pose any leakage risk and are completely maintenance free.

Compared to intrusive magnetic inductive meters or insertion Doppler meters, the FLUXUS WD Series is completely unaffected by solids in the water stream as well as build-up or fouling on the inside of the pipe wall – which often leads to measurement drift and thus false readings on magnetic inductive meters.

Further, due to their matched, paired and calibrated ultrasonic transducers, FLUXUS irrigation flow meters offer an unrivalled low flow measuring capability, leaving no drop unaccounted for and completely ruling out measurement drift. FLUXUS is also available with a remote power supply via solar panels. Moreover, the measurement data can be transferred via an integrated GSM module anywhere for further evaluation. To learn more about FLUXUS F401 portable irrigation water flow meters or any of our other solutions in this category, reach out and speak with one of our representatives today.