Under pressure Aquam LDS 1000

A tethered (cable) system 1000meters long is launched via a special launch tube UNDER PRESSURE into the pipe, an under water-parachute (drogue) attached via stainless steel heavy duty connections pulls the camera head along underwater internally — the entire system is retrieved and rolled neatly back into the inspection van via a motorised unit. A full recording of visuals with acoustics is all kept, analysed shared with the client and used for rehabilitation and condition assessment.This is perfect for identifying illegal connections, valve maintenance, tuberculation & Corrosion assessment, Leak Detection, Extended Lifespan Reporting.
A un-tethered waterproof device recording – both video and acoustics of the pipe is launched and captured again alternatively it can also be tethered like the Flag Ship LDS100 – its just a much smaller lighter version of the LDS.

Water main condition assessment services are being used for:

  • Baseline understanding of water main condition
  • Replacement and rehabilitation planning
  • Rate case justification
  • Due diligence support for water system acquisitions
  • Strategic deployment of intrusive (Internal NDT) condition assessment technologies
  • Reduction in the number water main breaks experienced by a city


Live under pressure Condition Assessment

Aquam LDS 1000 technology is used by ORSCO to scan internally doing the following

  • Recording of video for condition assessment up to 16bar from 100mm-5meter diameter
  • Lazer scanning *all diameters under drained conditions * up to 300mm under live pressure 16 bar to produce models of the internal pipe
  • Acoustic recordings of leaks on surveys
  • Can go with or against the flow