Terms and Conditions


Payment Terms

  1. Standard terms require a payment of 100% upfront before mobilization
  2. Different payment terms can be negotiated where required and applicable if a credit application is approved

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  1. Due to the nature of our equipment, no work can be done on rainy days. In the event of rain the time to complete will be extended at a zero-penalty rate to ORSCO, expenses such as accommodation will be charged at full rate and 50% of our normal daily professional charges will be charged.
  1. GPR scanning require area to be clean of any obstruction (bush, dense vegetation and constructions material/cars etc.). In the vent of area not being clear of obstructions, ORSCO will charge the CLENT 100% of all the cost as accommodation/mobilization etc. as well stand by time of 50% of professional charges.
  1. In the event, that fieldwork is delayed because of adverse weather conditions, safety risk to personnel and equipment or any other unforeseen events beyond the control of ORSCO charges may be incurred at 100% of Professional Fees Plus Actual Expenses.
  1. Notwithstanding the fact that ORSCO strives to provide the highest quality of work, and that precautions are applied to ensure accurate utility location results, no guarantee can be offered, and ORSCO will not be held liable for any damaged caused to buried utilities.
  1. Work can only commence once proof of payment has been received unless prior arrangements have been made.
  2. The CLIENT acknowledges that the quotation is submitted with limited knowledge of the site, and those modifications to the proposal and field methodologies may be necessary due to unforeseen site conditions. These modifications will be communicated to the CLIENT as soon as possible after new site information becomes available to ORSCO.
  1. The CLIENT further acknowledges that due to the nature of GPR scanning, ORSCO cannot guarantee the outcome of Ground Penetrating Radar. ORSCO can therefore not be held responsible for any damages that may arise from correct or incorrect interpretation of GPR data results by ORSCO or any other party.

Leak Detection

The spirit of our leak detection is done with unique techniques and skills honed over years of practice combined with cutting edge technology. This art of saving water has its limitations. The only way it is an exact science is when we are allowed to X-Ray a property. Military X-Rays attracts very high costs as US Military fees are all in dollars therefore we use systems at hand although these systems are state of the art-they are in a range where certain protocols need to be followed. It’s for this reason that the following terms and conditions are listed:

Building Regulations

  1. Use of water on site during leak detection process Leak detection survey results assume all plumbing and utilities are installed according to National Building Standard Regulations.
  2. No liability for any information given based upon non-confirming utilities will be accepted by ourselves.
  3. The client/owner’s agent will be liable to do repairs and further tests if non-conforming utilities cause wrong diagnosis or result in damage to utilities.
  1. The full leak detection fees still apply.
  2. No water can be used at all at any point during the leak detection.
  3. If it is found that any person under the employ directly or indirectly or any person on the property opens a tap, valve etc. or flushes a toilet, the leak detection must start again and costs for time and material used to that point will be added to the final bill.
  4. It is the owner / client’s responsibility to inform occupants and enforce the above.


  1. Leaking valves, taps, brassware and general maintenance that interferes with leak detection needs to be repaired first before leak detection can be completed.
  1. However, these items are usually only discovered during or at the early stages of leak detection.
  2. ORSCO will either quote to do repairs on site immediately or client/owner/owner’s agent can arrange for the repairs to be done independently.
  3. Leak detection must be stopped until said repairs are completed. Only once the repairs have been done can the leak detection resume.
  4. The isolating of points and meters often resolves this issue easily.
  5. 50% of leak detection fee will be charged for as a call-out fee.

Municipal Connection Points

  1. Any valves at meters on property boundary (municipal connection) not closing will need to be serviced by the council.
  2. The repair must be completed before leak detection can commence. 50% of leak detection fee will be charged for as a call-out fee.

CCTV Camera Inspection

CCTV camera inspection in Sewer and storm water lines

  1. We can inspect up to 800 meters per day using a crawler and 800 meters per day using the push camera however this is largely based on the condition and layout of the sewer and storm water line.
  1. Issues such as blocked pipelines, heavy flow, weather conditions, manholes that cannot be opened, located or accessed, not installed as per the as built drawing and multiple bends may delay work.
  2. We reserve the right to halt work until we deem the pipe line suitable for inspection to resume.
  3. In the event that sewer and storm water line differ from the as built drawings and causes the job to be delayed a quote for locating and mapping of the services will be submitted by us.
  4. If jetting, cleaning locating and mapping is required for work to commence we reserve the right to quote on carrying out this service to continue work.
  5. If the rate for jetting, cleaning, locating and mapping of services cannot be agreed on a third party must be contacted to for alternative pricing. If the third parties rates is not accepted and work cannot commence this standard formula will apply ( number of days on site x quoted daily rate + quoted mobilization and subsistence costs ) + 10% or (percentage cost of completed work + mobilization and Subsistence cost) +10%
  6. While ORSCO distributors will open, and close all manholes it remains the responsibility of the client to arrange access to entry points especially manholes that require equipment such as TLB’s cranes and other equipment to open them. Delays for this reason will be charged as standing time ( 50 % of professional rate)
  7. Client is fully responsible for creating access ie. (including opening of Man Holes curb inlet etc). and when required also traffic accommodation.

Jetting and Cleaning

  1. All large plant and equipment used for the jetting and cleaning will be stored on site in a safe area or
  2. alternatively mobilization will be charged daily.
  3. Clean water(portable water) must be supplied at a zero cost
  4. Any delays caused by insufficient supply of water will result in a standing rate of R3 500,00 per hour
  5. Should no portable water be used, all spares and consumables for the pump will be for the clients account.
  6. Technician(s) primary task is on site set up, mechanical start-up of pump(s) and operation of pumps at correct
  7. The technician(s) will not be responsible for blasting, technical advice, safety or any related issues.
  8. All debris or waste removed from pipes, vessels, sumps or tanks remains the responsibility of the client. Any
  9. disposal costs and additional traveling costs to the disposal site will be charged for, unless otherwise agreed upon
  10. in writing

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Where equipment is prohibited from being removed from site due to industrial strike action and or riots the client will be responsible for all damages, loss of income caused action.
  2. While Orsco covers the insurance of all our equipment the client will be responsible for all excess costs incurred from industrial strike action and or riots.
  3. If we are delayed for any reason outside of our control a standing rate of R3 500, 00 per hour will apply.
  4. Standing time may affect accommodation and subsistence rate and the following formula will apply (cost of subsistence and accommodation ÷ planned number of day x standing days + original quoted subsistence and accommodation rate)
  5. Any additional site visit once work is complete may attract additional costs.