PIPEline rehabilitation & relining

Renew all pipeline types without excavation.

ORSCO (Pty) Ltd installs innovative environmentally friendly technologies to rehabilitate the inner infrastructure of deteriorated or failing potable, mechanical, gas, petroleum and drain pipeline systems using in-place epoxy coatings and structural liners.

Several patented lining options provide solutions for use in virtually any type of pipe in any market sector. Installable in any type of environment and using only the latest in lining technologies. ORSCO (Pty) Ltd is a world leader in pipe relining solutions.

Trechless Technology is widely-used in the civil engineering and municipal sectors as the trenchless rehabilitation technologies used in the renewal of pipelines has become more cost effective and time saving compared with the now outdated methods previously used.
ORSCO (Pty) Ltd has the unique ability to circumvent both pressurised and non-pressurised pipelines using existing access points offering the most viable and least disruptive option for pipe renewal.

Our Technicians are the best in the business and have critical experience having tackled projects ranging from Industrial and commercial structures to multi story high-rise buildings, breweries, power stations and more.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Reduction in Environmental Pollution
  • Quicker Turnaround
  • Times / Downtime
  • Far Less Surface Obstructions and Noise
  • Multiple 90 degree bends.
  • Lateral Junctions
  • Patch Repairs
  • Pull in Place Inversion
  • UV Cure, Steam Cure, Nu Cure Technology

Trenchless Pipeline Renewal : 15mm - 2000mm OD

The latest lining cutting edge technology, methods & materials used.

Pipeline Pigging

Pipeline pigging is a form of pipeline maintenance that involves the use of devices known as pigs, which clean and fees the pipelines of any obstructions. This process is done without necessarily interfering with the flow of product in the pipe.

Usually cylindrical or spherical in shape which aids movement and efficiency in cleaning.  As the pig moves through the pipeline, it removes any build-ups within the pipe which can often lead to reduced performance, increased energy costs and cause corrosion.

Pipe-in Liner - Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation

Pipe-in Liner is Fabric Reinforced Flexible Plastic Pipes (FRFPP). The basic installation procedure is “firstly to fold Pipe-in Liner into a U-shape, secondly to pull the liner into the host pipes and thirdly to expand the liner in the host pipes. The Pipe-in liner will work as a leakage-free liner inside the host pipes.

Pipe-in Liners are classified into four different series: Pipe-in Liner W Series, Pipe-in Liner O Series, Pipe-in Liner G series, and Pipe-in Liner H series.

  • Pipe-in Liner W series are used to rehabilitate water main pipes and other types of water pressure pipes at normal temperature.
  • Pipe-in Liner O series are used to rehabilitate oil pipes onshore or offshore. Pipe-in Liner G series are used to rehabilitate gas pipes onshore or offshore.
  • Pipe-in liner H series are used to rehabilitate pipes in municipal heat systems. Pipe-in liner H series can resist a temperature no more than 95° C.

Pipe-in Liner solution is non-structural pipe rehabilitation. There is no connection between the host pipe and the liner so that the liner works independently from the host pipe. The liner is a little bit rigid and it will maintain its round shape inside the host pipes even without inside pressure or with little pressure from outside.
Pipe-in Liner is flexible and can easily be pulled from 45 degrees bends or of 90 degrees bend with a 5D radius.


Underground water extraction solutions 

  • Underground water is very deep. Depth of 60meters or more.
  • The water can be salty or acid
  • Maintenance costs are high

ORSCO’s  well-water solution hoses are lay flat, coilable, of extremely long lengths(400 meters per piece), can hold high pressure and strong tensile strength due to an encapsulated reinforcement jacket.

This means that it is easier to install submersible pumps with ORSCO’s  well-water hoses than any other types of rigid pipes because no extra connections are needed and submersible pumps can be directly hung at the bottom of wells after pumps are connected to hoses with specialized fitting beside the wells. In all scenarios, Orsco is your best option! 

relining of pipelines

Pipelining can be either a barrier coating within a pipe or physically a pipe within a pipe. Lining is one of a larger group of processes called “Trenchless Technologies”, which are technologies that are aimed at reducing the impact on the environment.

Nu Flow has patented its pull-in-place structural lining process along with its epoxy coating system. The easiest way to determine which process is used for a particular project or scope would be by breaking the piping systems into two categories, pressurized and non-pressurized piping systems.

Because ORSCO has the unique ability to fix both pressurized piping systems and non-pressurized piping systems using existing access points, ORSCO offers the most viable and least disruptive option for pipe renewal. Our pipe relining methods are tailored to suit each unique repair.