Utility Location

A utility location device should be used to locate utilities before excavation begins. Whether it is on a pavement, private property or on a construction project, it is important to know what lies beneath the surface to avoid damage to services as well as un-planned water, electricity & telecom interruptions, which could cost the contracting company a fortune. Historically past dynamics; such as drawings and plans getting lost, plans are not updated as installation conditions require repositioning of utilities or services, utilities and services are installed without tracer wires or trace mechanisms. All of this can make it difficult to know what lies ahead of the excavation without a utility location survey.
Orsco use state of the art utility location equipment and proven methods to locate underground utilities. The two main methods used are ground penetrating radar and electro magnetic location, in the utility location game what sets Orsco apart is vacuum excavation used to identify and verify unknown utilities – if vaccum exaction is done Orsco will guarantee that what identify and mark on the drawings is exactly what is underground

How does it all work?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

A GPR transmitter emits electromagnetic energy into the ground. When the energy encounters a buried object or a boundary between materials having different permittivity’s, it may be reflected or refracted or scattered back to the surface. A receiving antenna can then record the variations in the return signal.

Electro magnetic location

Most utility locating is done with the use of electromagnetic locating equipment. This equipment consists of two parts, a transmitter and a receiver. In short, we use the transmitter to place a “signal” onto the line then go hunt down that signal with the receiver. As long as the line is metallic and continuous we can locate it with electromagnetic equipment.