CCTV Pipeline Inspection Survey's


ORSCO Pty Ltd have a range of CCTV Crawler Cameras, Push Rod Systems and Wincan reporting software that enables us to efficiently inspect, record and report on all stormwater, sewer, drain and conduit conditions.

Whether you require an inspection to find a blockage or need an entire catchment surveyed our certified operators are experienced in preparing structural CCTV pipeline surveys and pipe condition reporting. Our operators are proficient in the preparation of comprehensive Wincan reports.
Using sonar and laser profiling in conjunction with CCTV our operators will find the most minute defects in the interior surfaces of all pipeline ensuring that you have access to the critical data you need for accurate understanding and assessment.

Services Offered

  • Pipeline inspections.
  • Sewers and outfall inspections.
  • Dimensional measurement.
  • Stormwater and tunnel inspections.
  • Water mains inspections.
  • Hazardous lines (explosive) inspections.
  • Mineshaft inspections.
  • Turbine and steam lines at power station inspections.
  • Retrieval of foreign objects.
  • The cause of sinkholes.
  • House connection inspections.


·         We would find an entry into the suspected stormwater pipe and enter with either a 4 or a 6 wheel drive Robotic crawler – the crawler has the following abilities

·         We can give an inclinometer reading with a profile of the pipe so if there is any loss of bedding of the said Stormwater pipe it may possibly drop at these points and the invert will show up on the profile graph.

·         The Crawler has a 3 frequency sonde on board this will show us the following:

o   Depth below ground surface.

o   Position of anomaly viewed real-time live for locating above ground.

o   A cylindrical representation in 3D on the screen of the locator will give exact orientation of the crawler.

·         The Crawler can be fitted with a Lidar or Lazer profiler (depending on when this must be done) as our lidar is on its way to Botswana.

o   This will give a complete profile of the pipe in full circumferential and longitudinal view.

o   Anomalies will show up quickly but a simple inclinometer profile excluding obvert but including invert can achieve similar results.

·         FULL 360 joint analysis should be inspected with emphasis on joints.

Identification & Verification of all pipeline blockages & problems

Wincan Reporting Software

ORSCO (Pty) Ltd uses Wincan for all CCTV reporting and data storage. WinCan  is an application for the inspection and administration of wastewater network systems. 


  • Defect structural scoring
  • Defect maintenance scoring
  • Defect heat mapping
  • Asset mapping
  • Data overlaying
  • Immense customisation
  • Scalability