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See the bigger picture – faster

See the bigger picture – faster. Mobile Mapping System for Subsurface Scanning This new solution takes subsurface mapping to a much bigger scale with the capability of scanning complete cities and mapping entire utility networks and airports or highways with ease.   The GM8000 is a fully equipped system to bring subsurface mapping into a […]

Sewer Inclination and why it is Important

SEWER INCLINATION & WHY IS IT IMPORTANT A wastewater system is a significant yet essential investment for any community. A routine inspection enables municipalities to determine current conditions, including the current inclination, and plan maintenance thereafter. Sewer inclination keeps liquids and solids moving at an appropriate speed in a gravity system, therefore it is a […]

LiDAR in Pipeline Inspection

ACCURATE ASSESSMENTS FOR LARGE DN PIPELINES Spending money on Potholes that are glaring is a must for politicians to get votes , he or she who shouts loudest is often heard.. first LIDAR gives the pipes the Voice they need to be heard – As a professional who needs to make informed accurate decisions one […]

Mapping, Reporting and Assessments

MAPPING, REPORTING & ASSESSMENTS Augmented Reality and Proceq GPR Live Literally looking into concrete Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used to image the subsurface. Proceq GPR Live is a groundbreaking GPR for imaging of concrete structures; powered by the world’s first Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave hardware miniaturized in a handheld scanner and driven with cutting-edge algorithms, intuitive software on […]

The Most Effective Way to Prioritise Pipeline Maintenance

MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO PRIORITISE PIPELINE MAINTENANCE Change How You See Pipe Infrastructure & Boost Efficiency with the Cruiser Zoom Camera Contractors can use it to survey the pipe condition before bidding on services or to document completed works.Municipalities can use it to identify and prioritise maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry, and inspect hard-to-reach infrastructure.Engineers […]

Condition Assessment Explained

CONDITION ASSESSMENT Harnessing multi-generational disciplines from within the trenchless market. What is Pipeline Condition Assessment you ask, well when it is evident that a pipeline is suffering from multiple leaks, but the number, location, size, and severity of pipe wall perforations are unknown. What the root cause of the wall perforations are, and whether it […]

Auxiliary Condition Assessment Technologies

Auxiliary condition Assessment Technologies Pipeline Condition Assessment is not a single activity but rather a process whereby multiple technologies and skills need to be applied selectively and sequentially, resulting in an informed conclusion being reached as to the condition of a pipeline and its components. A holistic and multi-disciplinary approach is required to ensure that […]