Regulatory Compliance

ORSCO (Pty) Ltd follows all regulatory polices, standards and laws of our governing bodies, providing a better and safer working environment for all.

We are affiliated with the following bodies:

Southern African Society for Trenchless Technology (SASTT)

The Southern African Society for Trenchless Technology was founded to help inform the public, as well as any interested parties, on the workings and benefits Trenchless Technologies bring to our ever-expanding communities and the role it plays in the development of our country.

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) 


  • Focuses on the following:
  • Sustainable growth, capacity development and empowerment.
  • Improved industry performance and best practice.
  • A transformed industry, underpinned by consistent and ethical procurement practices.
  • Enhanced value to clients and society.

The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA)

WISA is a professional, comprehensive, independent, volunteer, water sector community institution, that provides diverse membership benefits, and supports the Africa water sector in a representative and effective way.

The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMESA)

Promotes the interests of municipal engineers and their profession, and creates a platform for the exchange of ideas and viewpoints on all aspects of municipal engineering with the aim of expanding the knowledge and best practices in all Local Government municipalities.